The Hawaiian islands are running out of space to build, or at least that's the perception here.  This morning's article in the Star says it all.

"Over 250 people packed a North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting last night, most of them opposed to a boutique hotel proposed to be built on city-owned preservation land in Haleiwa."

Developer D.G. "Andy" Anderson wants to build an 80-room hotel on land mauka of Kamehameha Highway, but many residents oppose the city's selling of the land for the project.

Opponents say that development of a hotel would only increase congestion on Kamehameha Highway.

A coalition made up of groups that include Hui o Hee Nalu, Sunset Beach Community Association and Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter, collected about 1,500 signatures to petition the city to keep the parcels as preservation land.

And that's why you should be buying Oahu real estate.  Any new construction on Oahu is going to be fought tooth and nail by residents, because the island just doesn't have the infrastructure.  It's just a matter of time before we run out of water the way Maui has recently.

No new contruction means higher land values on an island which, by definition, has a very limited amount of land.  You should be investing on Oahu before the values get out of reach, because they are only going up.  This isn't the mainland, where you can just drive farther and farther to find vacant land.  In Hawaii, the ocean is your border on every side.

As the boomers have started retiring, they have been helping to drive demand, which causes prices to increase even more in the limited space we have available.

Are you buying in Hawaii?  Why not?