xmastreebeachIt's the Christmas season, time to buy gifts, spread cheer, and mostly, focus on the birth of Jesus.  With all the Christmas parties, recitals, and other events, you wouldn't expect people to be doing extremely time consuming and stressfull like - buying a house.

But the statistics show that hundreds of people buy a house on Oahu every December. Around the country, tens of thousands of people will buy a house around Christmas.  And you may not have thought about it but - many sellers are most desperate in December. 

Sellers on the market in December realize it's a bad month for sales.  It's true that December is one of the slowest months of the year for new escrows.  But some sellers are hoping to get their home sold before the new year. Some are needing to move before school starts back up.  Some are just waiting for a showing at all, and because it's Christmas, there aren't any. 

But buyers who are out in December know that sellers are feeling the pinch of the closing calendar year...  And they take advantage.  Sellers are almost always more willing to negotiate when they feel the market is against them. When sellers think they won't get a showing for a few more weeks, they're more likely to take a lower offer.  

I've seen it in person - the holiday season is scary for sellers. They avoid being on the market if they can. Some sellers will take their home off the market for Christmas, which I think is not smart.  There are always some buyers out there.  Being off the market means you will miss some potential showings.

So if you're shopping for a home this month - be aggressive!  There aren't too many home buyers  in December, but you can bet, just like every year, there will be a sharp rise in buyer in January.