queensgate_640Yesterday I showed this beautiful house in Queens gate that is listed for $925,000.  With 4 bedrooms, a pool, and a huge master bathroom, it had everything the buyers were looking for. 

We had a nice discussion about buying a house right now.  I thought there were some great insights, which leads me to pose a question:

If you aren't buying right now, WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

  • Lower interest rates? 
  • A housing bubble?
  • A massive economic collapse? 
  • 10% unemployment?
  • Home prices to fall 20% ? 
  • Inflation?  (prices of houses go up too, you know)  
  • Global financial chaos?
  • Dozens of bank failures?
  • Government takeover of Fannie Mae?


We literally just endured the biggest financial collapse in our generation, and Hawaii real estate prices dropped about 15-20%. Is there some other worse event that could make prices drop more?  If so, what would that be?  The collapse of giant insurance companies?  Done. 

The US Government printing billions of dollars?  Done!  Financial chaos on a global level?  DONE!!! 

Some will argue that we aren't yet at the bottom of the housing market, and I would ask those people - What horrible event will occur that hasn't already???