A report by First American Title broke down the 2019 Oahu buying market by country, state, and region. According to the report, the top four buyers on Oahu in 2019 were:

1.    United States: 11,569 buyers, Sale Price Sum: $8,082,383,847

2.    Japan: 242 buyers, Sale Price Sum: $242,751,568

3.    Canada: 26 buyers, Sale Price Sum: $16,728,167

4.    South Korea: 23 buyers, Sale Price Sum: $27,053,963


According to the top buyers by state, the number of buyers from Hawaii was drastically more than any other U.S. state. Below are the top five buyers by state:

1.    Hawaii: 10,563 units sold

2.    California: 439 units sold

3.    Washington: 85 units sold

4.    Nevada: 49 units sold

5.    Texas: 39 units sold


Lastly, the report highlights the top buyers per zone on Oahu in 2019. It is clear how the Kapolei area continues to grow with new neighborhoods and businesses, giving credit to its title as Oahu’s Second City.


The three zones on Oahu with the highest number of buyers were:

1.    Zone 9 with a total of 4,153 buyers

a.    Zone 9 includes communities such as Kapolei, Ewa, Waipahu, and Pearl City

2.    Zone 2 with a total of 3,798 buyers

a.    Zone 2 includes Honolulu and Waikiki

3.    Zone 3 with total of 1,176 buyers

a.    Zone 3 includes Kahala and Hawaii Kai


Overall, Oahu remains a sought-after place to live and work, reflected by its prevalent real estate market for many buyers.


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