How does the leader of the free world relax and get away from the mayhem of D.C.?
Bush had Hawaii beachfront Homehis Texas ranch, Clinton preferred high style in Martha's Vineyard, but Obama prefers Hawaii.

For the past 2 years, the First Family has spent their Christmas holiday at this custom built 5000 square foot home on Kailua Beach in Hawaii. Originally listed for sale at over $11 million in 2006, the Kailua beach front home is now listed for $8.9 million, making it one of the more expensive homes for sale in Hawaii.

Located on the windward side of Oahu, the white sands of Kailua have been voted one of America's Top beaches. And since it's just a few miles from the President's childhood home and the security of Kaneohe Marine Corps base, it's a natural choice for the World's most powerful man to return to Kailua.

This picture taken from inside the swanky Hawaiian vacation home shows the beautiful view through the living room, which leads to the beach and warm tropical waters.plant_ext_400

The home isn't all that large compared to most multi million dollar homes around the country, with only 5 bedrooms and no game room or basement (there are very few basements in Hawaii,) though the home does feature this custom resort like lava rock pool and a small media room.

So why the mega high price? Location! Kailua beach is one of the most expensive places you can buy Hawaii real estate. Since many of the beaches on Oahu are actually rocky, the wide sandy beaches of Kailua with their gentle waves offer something almost idyllic for vacationers.
In addition to the interior space, the home features almost 2000 square feet of open lanai (covered outdoor space,) under which to enjoy Hawaii's year round mild climate. This picture shows one section of the outdoor space, compelte with a hidden plasma TV that opens by remote. Oahu has an average summer high temperature below 90 degrees, and the winters are equally mild, with day time lows around 70, so covered lanai space is just as usable as indoor living space.
Since the house is available for rent at around $3000 a night, you don't have to be the President to stay there, but you do need pretty deep pockets. Many other homes are available to rent on Kailua beach, with prices starting at about $1000 a night.