As of December 31st, there were 1100 homes for sale on the entire island of Oahu.  That's just about HALF of the number we had last December, and it's the lowest amount of inventory since August 2005! 

HELP!  If you are even close to thinking about selling your house, please do it now!  I have so many buyers looking for homes, it's absolutely maddening.  I have writte full price offers that have been outbid, and have some clients who have been waiting 6 months to find a home! 

This is insane.  How on Earth, in this economy, can Oahu real estate inventory be  so low? 

Even with only 258 single family sales closing last month,  we still don't have enough. While that number is a lot lower than the 325 that sold in Dec '08, homes are still selling in an average of 34 days.  We currently have 4.2 months of inventory.  In reality, there just aren't enough homes for sale. 

If you're reading this and you plan to sell this year, please tell me. I literally have about 85 buyers who are actively looking for a home right now.