dsc_1701_7743 months may seem like a long time, but when it comes to short sales, that's actually quite fast.  The longest one I have done took well over a year, while the average is closer to 6 months.

 This very nicely upgraded Poinciana Manor 2 bedroom Kailua condo is just a short bike ride to the beach. Listed at $350k, we are now officially in escrow for just a little above that, to close in 45 days.

 How do you get a short sale approved in under 3 months?  Simple:  put together an awesome short sale application packet  complete with a picture of the unexpected new baby and the father in his military uniform.

Even in a  short sale, there are humans involved, and who can resist a baby and a soldier serving his country? 

 Congrats to both sellers and buyers on getting this short sale approved. Now let's hope for a smooth escrow and closing.