It took some serious work and it was a nail biting experience, but we got this 5 bedroom, 2600+ sqft home closed today for $600k.  It's in the Woodbridge tract of Ewa Gentry. A great house built just a few years ago.  It was in great condition except the carpet upstairs, which is being replaced now. hoomaalili house

With the seller in a hurry to get the house sold and the buyer under the gun to move out of temporary housing, we worked hard to get the lender's approval on the short sale quickly.  We also had to get an appraisal recertified from a contract that was cancelled by a previous buyer. 

This beautiful house sat vacant for months until my clients closed today. Believe it or not, the house started out at over $700k more than 1 year ago. It was on the verge of being foreclosed, but is now the home of a very happy family with 3 beautiful little girls. They took the risk of trying to buy a pre-foreclosure and it has paid off big time!

Congrats Jon and Sandy on your new home!