As coronavirus restrictions continue to lift in China, the country’s real estate sales

“reached 5,976 on March 31 – an enormous increase from a low of 22 on Feb. 8,

when the country was at the height of the pandemic”, reported an article from



The article examined a report from Knight Frank, which showed this uptick in

real estate sales across 30 of China’s major cities:



“The reopening of workplaces between mid-February and early March was

reflected in a substantial recovery in activity across different sectors, the recent

uptick in property transactions suggests this filtered through into buyer

sentiment with a degree of pent-up demand being released”, reported Kate

Everett-Allen of Knight Frank, the Head of International Residential Research.


If this is indicative of what will occur in the U.S., then we could expect a

similar bounce back in real estate sales when restrictions are lifted. According

to an article in The Dallas Morning News, Robert Dietz, chief economist with the

National Association of Home Builders, supported this idea. “The housing sector

enters this recession underbuilt rather than overbuilt…that means as the economy

rebounds — which it will at some stage — housing is set to help lead the way out”,

stated Dietz.


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