Kakaako is the perfect place for retirement! This is that beautiful village with shops, restaurants, beaches, and easy access to everything in Honolulu is perfect for that time of life when we finally get to enjoy the freedom of spending our days however we choose.
For the retiree ready for something different, the Kakaako district of Oahu is the perfect place.
Picture a paradise of warm sun and salty air…nearby beaches and eternal entertainment. With some of the best restaurants in the islands and easy transportation to get around, Kakaako has something for everyone.

But don't worry, health care isn't forgotten. There are several nearby hospitals and dozens of doctors for medical check-ups, so you can stay healthy as you live your best life here. Enjoy the ultimate chill with strolls along the beach, long lunches with friends and all that Oahu has to offer. Kakaako, it's what retirement dreams are made of! 

It's such a great community for walking, bike riding, and just playing at the beach.  Check out this park right in the middle of Kakaako!