allure_480The Allure Waikiki is now discounting their original list prices by at least 20%, sometimes more for the higher floors where prices are around $1.5million.  I visited the sales office with a client of mine on Wednesday, where the sale agent explained that all list prices would be 20% off or more. Quite a bargain compared to other buildings we viewed.

HERE is the current PRICE LIST  - Contact me for more info!

We began at 10am by viewing The Watermark, Lanikea, 1717 Ala Wai, Ko Olani, and a few others. When we visited the Allure, we found that you could buy a 1350sqft brand new unit with a view for around $850k.  That's an amazing difference compared to the 1000sqft condos we found in the other buildings. 

Now the grounds haven't been completed, but the renderings look very nice, with a huge 18'ft ceiling lobby, Asians gardens, pool, fitness center, and bbq area.  The only places that compare would be the Ko Olani and the Watermark, which both have superb amenities.

The Allure has a planned completion around April, and unlikle most projects, I think they may actually meet that date.  The building already has a couple units completed and ready for viewing by prospective buyers.