8 years ago when I started in Real Estate, only the youngest buyers and sellers were looking online for a Realtor or for real estate. Over the last year I've noticed that something is changing. My clients are now Baby Boomers.

The oldest Baby Boomers are turning 60 now, and just about everyday I get an email or a call from someone who is planning to retire in Hawaii. They all say it's been their dream for some time.

In fact a friend of mine is VP of a big home building company that is constructing a brand new retirment community here in Hawaii, complete with medical care and every aspect of retirement services. They are building hundreds of units over in Kapolei. The Boomers are coming.

So while most of the country has a slowing real estate market, Hawaii is booming still. Why? Because the Boomers are going to create a housing boom in Hawaii, again.

As prices in Hawaii continue to outprice most of the youngest families, the top tier of Boomers with their huge retirement funds are buying real estate in Hawaii, and they're doing it in style. I frequently get requests for properties up to $5million on the water for people wanting to live out their golden years in paradise.

Some calculations show that 14,000 Boomers will be retiring every week for the next 20 yrs. Will they all be coming to Hawaii?

If they're buying a house, I sure hope so.