Will it cause Ewa Beach Oahu Real Estate prices to rise? The city's new Fixed Guideway system, fancy talk for "a train." Will be running from the west side into town in about 15-20 years.

Will this effect prices? Maybe insomuch as people perceive a future value that this will add. It's like buying stocks. The rumor of a buyout is worth more than the actual buyout. In this case, the future potential train system is a good selling point and could increase the value of properties that will be effected, primarliy those that are within walking distance of a train station.

This is primarliy going to effect Ewa beach, where traffic is the worst. Plans for the train stations are not final yet and won't be for years, so you can stop guessing. Overall, I think this is good for Ewa beach real estate. Whether or not it is actually good for the state or for Honolulu is anybody's guess.