On Thursday I drove to Ewa beach at 4pm. That should have been the longest drive time of the day, but I made it from Diamond Head in about 30 minutes, all the way to Ocean Pointe. 

It used to be that once you got off the freeway in Ewa, it took another 30-45 minutes from there to the end of Ewa. Not anymore!  The lane widening project, which is still only 70% done, has COMPLETELY changed everything in Ewa Beach. It's truly amazing. 

Then, I happened to have another client who wanted me to drive down there Friday around 1pm. Guess what?  NO TRAFFIC!  Aloha Friday in Oahu means everyone gets off work around noon, and there should have been at least some traffic, but there was none!  

Both days, I got from the freeway exit in Ewa to Ocean Pointe with only 1 stop, and no slow downs. This could mean that values and sales in Ewa are about to take off.  Seriously, the only thing keeping people from buying there in the past has been traffic, but now it is literally a non issue.  

Believe it or not, the traffic in Kapolei is A LOT worse than Ewa now.  Hmmm..   Time to sell in Kapolei and buy a house in Ewa?