The Star reported this morning that a new study confirms Vog (volcanic fog) causes resperatory problems, among other things. 

"The risk of upper respiratory problems increased significantly on the
Big Island during high vog events -- and children were the most
sensitive to the bad air -- according to a new study that compared
clinic visits in communities hardest hit by volcanic emissions before
and after a new Kilauea vent opened in March 2008."

"It found that during thick vog there was a sixfold increase in the
number of people with acute airway problems that required emergency
care, up to 300 percent increases in severe sore throats and headaches,
and a 56 percent increase in people with coughs."

Bottom line - people have been moving away from the effected Big Island areas, like Kona. I have had clients call me from the Big Island looking to move over to Oahu.  Here on Oahu we have hardly any vog at all, except on the rare days when the Trade Winds stop blowing.  That only happens about 20-30 days a year.  (Just a guess on my part). 

The reality is that breathing the Vog in Kona feels a lot like living in LA.   Want clean, fresh, ocean air to breathe?  Come to Oahu!