The North Shore is usually thought of for huge waves and world class surfing. In the summer the North Shore's biggest and wave, Waimea Bay, turns into a beautiful calm beach.  While these are the two things that mostly draw people to Waimea, there is also the Waimea valley waterfall walk. 

Some people call it a hike, but when you see it you will agree that it is just a pleasant walk.  The waterfall walk is about a half mile or so on a nicely paved path, which starts at this little info shack and ticket counter.  It costs about $30 for a family of four if you live here, and about $100 if you don't.  

waimea valley oahu north shore waterfall

Along the way you'll see some beautiful trees, plants, and probably a peacock or two.  It's not steep except for one spot near the end, and the gentle trade winds keep you cool most of the way. 

The path is beautifully lined with lush green foliage like this.


The waterfall itself was smaller than I thought it would be, at only about 20 feet high. The water is a little cool but warm enough to swim in.  There was even a lifeguard there to help people get in and out, and to provide flotation devices so you can float around the pool.  It was completely amazing, idyllic. 

waimea valley waterfall 

 Just think, you could live just a few miles from here by buying a house on the North Shore. Prices start at around $800k for a modest little house, all the way up to $10 million for a beach front estate.