The past year or so has been a mystery as far as the market goes, but now we are starting to understand it. We predict prices will continue to rise for at least another year. 

Sales of single-family homes rose 49.3%, and condo sales skyrocketed 134.0% compared to this time last year when people were afraid to buy condos.

The condo market is now picking up quickly, so while prices dropped last year, they are now higher than ever.

What is happening?  Covid kept people from buying real estate for a year, and now there is a 2 year demand entering into a lower than normal supply.  

Waikiki is completely packed, hotels are full, restaurants on Oahu are booked 2 months out.  That's the sign that the pandemic fear is gone, and everyone wants to come to Hawaii, and maybe buy a house while they are at it.

If you're waiting for a correction, you'll probably be waiting a long time.