Last week I was showing property to a family that has been planning to move to Oahu for some time. They are relocating with their company, and bringing 2 kids with them. For the showings, they brought their kids.

Sometimes people ask me if it's ok to bring kids on showings, and I always say yes. If you're moving from out of state, Hawaii is a new fun place that kids should learn about along with you. If you make them part of the home buying process, they're more likely to enjoy the house, and less likely to resent you for choosing a house they don't like.

Of course, kids don't have the best taste in houses, but if you let them see what you're looking at, even if you buy the house they don't choose, at least they have seen it and they're familiar with it. Moving to Hawaii is a huge life change, so anything you can do to make it easier on your kids is going to make the move easier for everyone, not just them. Unhappy kids make for an unhappy family.

You should take your kids inside the houses, and ask them questions about the house. "Do you like this one?" Maybe if you're afraid they won't like it, you can ask them something more fun, like "Do you think this yard would be big enough for a dog?" Getting your kids a pet when you move to Hawaii will make their transition easier. Think about letting them choose a pet and name it so they have a new friend they can play with and show to other kids.

Make the house buying process coincide with the pet buying process, and you may help your kids have an easier time in their new home.