Why should you buy a house in Oahu rather than Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island?  People often tell me they are thinking about moving to Hawaii but aren't sure which island to choose. They probably don't realize that the differences are huge.  I have 10 reasons to choose Oahu below, though I can think of a lot more.

1 Oahu has the best health care. If you live on the outer islands and have a serious health problem or emergency, they will fly you to Oahu, during which time you may die. Serious.
2 The outer islands are slooooooow. Everything is slow. Cars are slow, people are slow. Change is slow. It will drive you nuts. Unless of course, you like slow.
3 The traffic in Kauai is crazy. Yes, it's worse than Oahu. If you want to get from Liue to Kapaa or even worse, to Princeville or Hanalei, you better be prepared for the slowest drive of your life. There is a 2 lane road the whole way.
4 The outer islands shut down at about 8pm, while Oahu is up all night. If you want a late night snack, you better be on Oahu, or you better like hot pockets.
5 Real Estate in Oahu has been much better than the outer islands have been for 4 years. Why? Because their market is too dependant on tourism. They have little local industry, while we have most of the major the businesses in Hawaii.
6 If you lose your job on the outer islands, you'll be moving or on welfare. On Oahu, you can apply for a new job at one of our thousands of employers. Oahu's market is far deeper.
7 Oahu has symphonies, rock concerts, trade shows, outlet malls, every kind of car dealer, and soon, Whole Foods and Target. We have it all. The outer islands are just now enjoying Walmart.
8 If you buy real estate in Oahu, you'll never have to go to the outer islands except to vacation. About once a year I take my family to the Big Island or Kauai just for fun. If I lived on Maui, I would have to come over here for a lot of things. Things that the outer islands will never have.
9 It costs about $50 to fly inter-island. I can get to the outer islands anytime I want.
10 Schools. This should actually be much higher ranked in this list. The schools on the outer islands are for the most part, far behind Oahu's. In fact, much of the reason that Hawaii as a state gets a bad rap for schools is that the outer island schools are lumped together with the Oahu schools. If you look at the school reviews done by Honolulu Magazine every year, most of the top 50 are on Oahu.