Diamond Head Beachfront Real Estate

On the south shore of Oahu, right next to Waikiki, are the amazing cliffs of Diamond Head. Beachfront real estate in this neighborhood means something totally different than it does in areas like Kailua.

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Diamond Head Waterfront Homes

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Diamond Head Beachfront Homes & Property

The oceanfront homes in Diamond Head are often located a hundred feet above the sand, with a steep drop from your backyard. This means you get amazing views for miles, but it also means you don't have the water lapping up to your backyard.

Diamond Head beachfront homes are perhaps more impressive because of their amazing views. Keep in mind however, that the sand is not as white, and the waves aren't as gentle as they are in Kailua. For people who commute into town for work, Diamond Head beachfront property is a great option. See my Diamond Head real estate page for more indepth information.

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Diamond Head Beachfront Real Estate