Marina Palms Real Estate: Marina Front Condos

Marina Palms townhomesNever heard of Marina Palms? Neither has anyone else in Hawaii Kai. It's across the street from Colony Marina, and they don't often come up for sale. Marina Palms is a condominium development comprised of small townhouses that are about 1000 sq. ft. in size. Most Marina Palms condos are available for just under $500k.

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Marina Palms: Townhomes in Hawaii Kai

If you want a little 2-3 bedroom condo on the marina with just the basics, Marina Palms townhomes are for you. The complex has a small, well-built swimming pool, and residents can have a dock in front of their home. The marina is about 50 feet across at some parts, which is wide enough to turn around.

There isn't much of a view from the townhouses at Marina Palms, but this is pretty basic marina front living. Marina Palms is a good choice if you're looking for affordable marina front property in Hawaii Kai

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Marina Palms Real Estate for Sale