Marketing Your House to Homebuyers

* The Purpose of Advertising in General
* Real Estate Company Advertising
* Individual Agent Advertising
* Neighborhood Announcements
* Open Houses

As the listing agent I'm marketing to Realtors primarily and to homebuyers secondarily. At first that sounds backwards, but it's more effect to go to Realtors who have buyers. Buyers cannot be overlooked however, and that's where the internet comes in. I market your Hawaii real estate all over the internet so that buyers can easily find it on thousands of websites from all kinds of sources, whether it's a Realtor in Aiea or a broker's website.

Now when homebuyers are looking for your home, what do they want? Primarily they want to see pictures, and that's why I like to use a professional photographer to get great results and to show virtual tours of your home. Without pictures, it's really hard to sell a house, and with great professional quality pictures, it makes selling the house that much easier. I want the buyer who comes to your house to be in love with it even before they show up, just from seeing the pictures and the virtual tours online.

The Purpose of Advertising in General

Advertising your home is great, but often it's not just to sell your home. What? That's right, I'm not just trying to sell your home. I'm trying to get people to call our office or email me because they are buyers. As an office and as a group of Realtors, we are trying to amass a huge pool of buyers who are all looking for a home, and then once we have those buyers looking we can find the right home for them.

So while one ad for one house probably won't sell your house, it's the combination of all the ads for all the houses that brings all the Realtors in connection with all the buyers, and in the end your house is sold by one of the Realtors to one of the buyers who saw an ad for one of the houses, but usually not for the house he ends up buying.

So while I would love to sell your home through an ad, it's more likely that your home's ad will bring us buyers for other houses, while an ad for another house will bring us a buyer for you house. Get it?

In the end, it's important to advertise every house and get as many buyers as possible working with us to find a house so that one of us can sell your Hawaii home to one of them!

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Individual Agent Advertising

As an agent I'm doing more advertising than anyone in my office.  Both for dollars spent and also traffic on the web and number of buyer calls, I am one of the top agents in Honolulu. All these advertisement result in lots of buyers everyday. I literally get dozens of emails everyday from buyers from all over the world who are looking for a home, so that means I have a great chance of selling your home to one of them!

While some people judge an agent by the amount of print ads they do, I can tell you right now that this is very ineffective. All this does is get their name out there, but internet advertising actually makes buyers call and email me everyday.

I have never sold a house through a print ad. Never! But I have certainly sold lots of houses to people who contacted me through the internet. You want a Hawaii Realtor who is working smart AND hard, AND spending the marketing dollars needed to sell your home!

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Neighborhood Announcements

Your neighborhood should know that your house is for sale. Sometimes I go door to door and tell people about a listing, just in case they know someone who is thinking about buying in that neighborhood, and also to see if they are thinking of selling too.

I've also sent postcards and letter to neighborhoods to let them know about a new listing, so that they will be thinking about who might be interested in being their neighbor. In fact sometimes I tell people that they should be thinking about all their friends who might already like their neighborhood, so I can contact them directly and sell your house!

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Open Houses

Contrary to popular belief, an open house is often a waste of your and my Sunday afternoon. Most open house visitors rarely end up buying a house, but do end up being a buyer that works with me to buy another house. Most people who stop by an open house, especially here in Hawaii, are just looking. Since real estate in Hawaii is everybody's dream, people love to look.

An open house let's everyone in your neighborhood take a peek in your home and your style, so that they can be telling their friends about it.

But primarily, most agents who do a lot of open houses in Hawaii are looking for buyers, not necessarily trying to sell the house. While that does happen once in a while and I've had people buy house at an open house, it's pretty rare.

Often the people who hold open houses are just hoping for new prospects, and so those agents are new agents who need business and don't need a Sunday afternoon with their family. I don't mind doing them but usually they are not the best way to sell your house.

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