Moana Kai Townhomes

Moana Kai in Hawaii Kai is a beautiful townhouse complex built in 2005 with a great open layout and spacious interiors up to about 1700 sq. ft. Moana Kai townhomes are located in the center of Hawaii Kai, right next to the post office off Keahole St.

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Moana Kai Townhouses

Moana Kai's properties are a good size, and the homes are just about in perfect condition because the development is so new. All units in the complex come with a garage and access to some nice amenities.

The development itself is not a huge condominium complex, which is nice because you don't feel like you're living in a giant sea of condos. Moana Kai townhouses are also a little higher in elevation than those of Nanea Kai next door, so many of them have a better view.

There are seven layouts to choose from, with units between 1,237 sq. ft and 1,729 sq. ft. The majority of townhomes at Moana Kai are two stories tall, and all benefit from central air conditioning.

Nanea Kai & Moana Kai Real Estate

Say you have about $600k to spend on your next home. You can invest in a new two or three storey condo at Nanea Kai or Moana Kai, or go for a 30 year old single family house at Koko Head Terrace.

The condos at Moana Kai and Nanea Kai run about $650k, with a $400/month association fee. This means that their monthly costs are similar to that of a $700k house. They offer plenty of space for the average young family or for those trying to downsize. Nanea Kai real estate is a great option for anyone in this price range.

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Moana Kai & Nanea Kai Property Listings