Showing Your House to Home Buyers

* Convenience and Availability
* Why You Should Not Be Home
* Lighting, Fragrances, Pet Control and More Lighting
* Keeping the House Tidy and Neat

Showing your house is one of the most important things you can do. When it comes time to show, I'll call you to make an appointment, or we'll already have a set arrangement so that I know when we can show your house. Sometimes I'll give you plenty of notice but other times it could be last minute. Even if it's inconvenient, you should try to have your home ready to show at any time, so that every buyer who is interested can have a chance to see your house.

Convenience and Availability

Your house should be ready to show as quickly as possible, as often as possible. There are many times when a buyer will show up in Hawaii and want to see properties with very little notice, and while this is inconvenient, not showing your house can literally make all the difference. I try to give sellers about a 24hr notice, but that doesn't always work out. Since there are plenty of other homes to see, they won't bother coming back to see yours unless it is very unique or priced a lot lower than the rest.

What you want to do is make your home available and have a lock box on your house so that a Hawaii Realtor can get in your home and show it even if you or I are not available at that time. Not having a lock box can mean the difference of selling or not, so don't hesitate to have the lock box on your home.

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Why You Should Not Be Home

You want your home to be like a model home, where nobody will bother them and they can take their time and look around freely. If you're home and watching them they could feel uncomfortable looking at everything they really want to see. They want to look at all the areas of the house without anyone looking over their shoulder, so when we schedule the showings, do your best to not be home, and if you happen to bet there when the buyer arrives, go for a short walk or go do some errands, but don't just sit there and watch the buyer. The best thing is to give the buyer about 30 minutes or so to take a nice long look and allow them to feel free to take their time.

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Lighting, Fragrances, Pet Control and More Lighting

Your home should be well lit, which means turning on every light bulb and lighting every candle, opening all the windows, and making the home feel bright and alive. Darkness doesn't help anyone so make sure all the light that can get in is in, and all the sliding glass doors are open if possible.

Think about opening up doors and windows and lifting window coverings, and show off the brightness of every part of the home.


Make your home smell nice and warm by using candles or subtle air fresheners. You don't want your home to stink, but you also don't want it to smell like Lysol everywhere. A nice scent of fresh cookies can be a great way to welcome people into your home.

I encourage you to go to Pier 1 Imports and buy a dozen candles, so that your home smells nice and fresh when people enter the house.

Pet Control

If you have dogs or cats, you have to make sure they are out of the way. A barking dog is a terrible welcoming to a buyer. Put the dog on the side yard or lock him up in a kennel or take him for a walk, but no dogs jumping on buyers please.

If you have a cat that cannot go out, lock up the cat somewhere, and don't think that a Realtor has any idea what to do with your cat.

Pets are not an accessory to a home selling, they are a nuisance most of the time, because you want the buyers to look at your home, not the pet. Even though I love dogs and have had many, I don't want my dog to be any part of the home I'm selling.

The Kitchen Trash

Take out the trash in every room, and make sure there is no odor at all. Trash looks terrible to everyone, so hide it or take it out or both. You want the kitchen to look clean, and that means no visible open trash cans.

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Keeping the House Tidy and Neat

It's hard to live in a house that is always clean, but when you're selling your home, it's important to be clean and tidy. That means picking up everything all the time, no clothes lying around, no dishes in the sink, no nothing anywhere. You have to make sure that the house feels like a model, and that means that you can hardly tell anyone lives there. Everything should be clean, dust free, and picked up.

Think about how a model home looks, or how a furniture store looks. This is how you want your home to appear, so put away all the clutter and make sure the house looks great for buyers who come by. You want to impress, because someone who is in love with a house will pay more than someone who thinks your bedroom is a mess.

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