Spinnaker Isle Real Estate, Marina Front in Hawaii Kai

The Spinnaker Isle real estate area is quite small in fact, it's more of a street than an actual neighborhood. The marina front homes of Spinnaker Isle sit along Kumukahi Pl., which is a forked, U-shaped road that many people in Honolulu don't know about.

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Spinnaker Isle Homes

Built mostly in the 1960's, the original homes in this area were small about 1500 sq. ft., single storey, and very simple. About 1/3 of Spinnaker Isle homes have been rebuilt or renovated, with a few of the houses now well over 3000 sq. ft.

$2 million will get you a nice, newish home with all the upgrades and great marina frontage. The homes on the inner side of the U-shaped street are on a very narrow part of the marina, which is a problem if you ever need to turn your boat around. If you can get a house on the outside of the "U", then you're going to have wide frontage and good marina depth. The ends of each side of Kumukahi Pl., and the outside of the left fork are the best locations for properties, as they look straight down the water for several hundred yards. To see what this street looks like, click on one of the property listings on this page, hit Map This Property, then click Satellite. Alternatively, you can search for 'Kumukahi Pl, Honolulu' on Google Maps, and then hit Satellite to get a true picture of the area.

I like Spinnaker Isle because I used to live there, but also because it's just a nice neighborhood. The best part of Spinnaker to me is that it's zoned so you can have a legal second unit on your house, as long as your lot is over 7500 sq. ft., which I think all are. If you buy one of these houses with a legal rental, then you're going to have a nice income to help you offset your mortgage. The downside? If all the neighbors start adding these rental units, it's going to get very crowded with lots of cars to park.

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